South Orangetown Community Elementary Schools PTA

William O. Schaefer Elementary School ~ Cottage Lane Elementary School

SOCES PTA Class Ambassadors

Coordinator: Rana Park

PTA Class Ambassadors are the grass-roots of the SOCES PTA. You represent the PTA at the classroom level, working to share information and ideas between teachers, parents, and the PTA Executive Board. Ambassadors work with teachers to plan student events/celebrations in the classroom as the teacher deems necessary. The Membership Committee Chairperson acts as liaison between building coordinators, who in turn, liaison with class parents. The Chairperson works with the Executive Committee/Board and works to ensure all grade coordinators & class parents follow SOCES PTA policies/procedures.

For 2018-2019, William O. Schaefer teachers will pick Class Ambassadors.  SOCES PTA will have no involvement in the selection process, but will still train, guide & communicate with chosen Class Ambassadors.  If you are interested in being a Class Ambassador at WOS, please email your child's teacher!

SOCES PTA will continue to help in the selection process at Cottage Lane.  Please be sure to fill out the Friendship List Sign up below, and state your desire to be a CA!  If more than 2 parents ask to be a CA, the Membership Committee will hold a lottery for the positions.

I was selected as a Class Ambassador, now what?

If you haven't already done so, connect with your child's teacher via email and introduce yourself!  Ask what kind of activities/celebrations you should prepare for.  Does this class have a Halloween party? Thanksgiving Celebration? Winter Celebration? Etc

Next: Please attend one of the following meetings:

Thursday, 9/20, 9:30 AM @ WOS Cafeteria

Thursday, 9/20, 7:00 PM @ WOS Cafeteria

Tentative 3rd Meeting - Monday, 10/1, 9:30 AM (TBD)

At this meeting we will go over all paperwork and answer all questions you may have about this fun and rewarding job!  You will also get an opportunity to meet your Co-Class Ambassador.  You will find a list of the class ambassadors for your grade.  If you are not able to attend one of the above sessions you can reach out to Rana Park ([email protected]), Alyssa Moloney, WOS VP ([email protected]) or Liz Dudley, CLE VP ([email protected]).

Friendship List Sign up/Class Ambassador Request (Cottage Lane ONLY)

Class Ambassador Introduction Letter

Holiday Request Letter

Have a great year!

Should you have any questions about what is happening in your building, please contact the Co-President: 

WOS:  Alyssa Moloney -[email protected]

CLE:    Liz Dudley - hara21[email protected]